Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Blush in the Fall

We are gearing up for finals...I am so excited for Christmas!

As mentioned on my Instagram, I distressed these jeans as a DIY project and I kinda like how they turned out. I think after more washes they'll look more "distressed" instead of just cut! I just youtubed a video on how to do it. I used an old pair of Lauren Conrad jeans from Kohl's. They were a little too stretchy and I thought that adding some distress to them would add some mmph haha!

I love blush and grey together! This chilly weather is allowing me to finally be able to layer more which is great! This blush thermal is loner in the back which if you know me, I love this high-low trend with the shirts. Also the thermal wasn't too heavy since Texas doesn't get extreme winters like some places! 

As seen in my last post, I love these booties and how easy they are to wear.

Good luck to my fellow collee-goers...we are in the final stretch!

Shop this look below!

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