Saturday, November 5, 2016

Gifts for the guy who has everything!

It's November and that means the holidays are right around the corner!! I try so hard to shop early so I'm not stressed out around Christmas looking for the perfect gifts.. but sometimes, procrastination just seems to happen and well, you all know how that goes. 

I've put together a collage of gifts my boyfriend has loved and I know that special guy in your life will too. 

He is SO hard to shop for because he literally has everything he needs... and then some! However, all year I take note of small things that may have broken or new tech-y items I know he'll love. I always look for these collages on pinterest, but none of those ever featured items that fit my 6'2", sports-watching, tech-loving dude. I hope this helps make your decision just a little bit easier!

Laptop Backpack
Okay, he may already have a backpack for walking around campus, but does he have one with a laptop holder built in? My guy loves having his laptop with him when he goes to class or even when traveling. This bag is also the perfect carry-on for traveling!

Rockport Dress Shoes
Last year, when M was working at Best Buy, he had to wear dress shoes. Rockports will last him so long and I've heard they're really comfy (a plus when he's on his feet alllll day!!).

Virtual Reality System
This is apparently the new thing this year. My guy just got one and LOVES it. He would stay on there for hours if it weren't for me begging for his attention (oops). This whole system is really awesome, though because you forget where you are while you're playing in this whole other universe. Just be careful of low ceiling fans- M knocked a light bulb out!!

Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones
Before our trip to Jamaica, M went out and got these wireless headphones and they are SO good! On the plane, he had no background noise from the engine or babies crying. I definitely recommend these especially if he travels frequently.

XOXO, Katelyn

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