Sunday, January 15, 2017

How To: Be Extra Organized (& less stressed too!)

This year, I've decided to focus on becoming more organized. And not just "organized", but, like, really organized. 

This includes throwing out/donating many many items that I don't find necessary any longer.

#1. The Dresser.

We all hold onto clothes longer than we probably should and this is especially important when it comes to undergarments. You know what I'm talking about. Those white socks that have turned black and are speckled with holes. Those undies that are just too cute to toss. Throw those suckers out and wait for the Victoria's Secret sale to happen (they happen allll the time!). 

Also, go through that old workout gear, those tanks that used to be sparkling white....

The old bathing suits that have lost all elasticity and smell of chlorine...

The junk drawer at the very bottom (yep, we all have one!)

After sifting through all of my dresser drawers and throwing out all of the old, I can now close my drawers with ease and know that I can wear anything in that drawer without doubt!

#2. The Closet

This one was the most tedious. That's because I keep all of my old school papers, shoes, and of course clothes stored away in here. 

I started out first going through all of the papers (from school) that I no longer need. 

Next, shoes that I don't wear or that have seen better days were either tossed, donated, or added to my Poshmark closet. You can find all of my Poshmark info HERE

My clothing was looked at last. I decided that if the item was no longer in style, didn't fit, or didn't made me look like a million bucks, then it did not deserve to take up space in my closet. 

For those items that I gave up, I donated to a local women's shelter or posted to Poshmark.

#3. The Desk

This particular space was relatively easy because I don't store many items in my desk. Just the necessities really. However, old receipts, pens that didn't write and papers I didn't need were tossed. 

#4. The Bathroom Cabinets

Makeup that didn't work out...

Hair product bottles that were nearing empty...

Hair clips that had broken...

Old lip glosses...

all were thrown out!


Finding a good planner that works for you and your lifestyle is also really important in organizing your daily life. I have tried many but I've linked my favorites below!

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