Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Ultimate gift guide for Guys

I did a poll on insta-stories the other day asking y'all which you'd like to see more of, holiday-related posts or my usual outfit posts, and it was split 50/50! SO in honor of that, I'm sharing another gift guide today and will be sharing a holiday outfit next time.

This gift guide is one that was so challenging because let's be honest, boys aren't the easiest to shop for! They either have everything, are picky, or have superrrr expensive taste. Anyways, I've decided to split this post up by personality type [except the small accessories category; every guy would love/be in great need of those items!]

Lets start with the Traveler:
Travel Case
Noise-Cancelling Headphones
Duffel Bag
(More Affordable) Duffel Bag
This guy loves adventure or maybe he's just an awesome businessman! Either way, he'll love carrying these items along with him wherever he may go!

The Luxe Guy:
LV Wallet
Gucci Wallet
LV Backpack
If your guy is anything like mine, then he is spoiled beyond measure! That doesn't mean it's a bad thing, he just loves nice things and will go to every length to make sure you have the same. M specifically loves this backpack featured because it's "named after him" (duh!)😉

The Gym Rat:
Wireless Ear Buds
Gym Bag
If your guy is alwayssss in the gym then he'll appreciate these items! Get him a new gym bag that doesn't reek to high heaven! Then, for his birthday toss in these wireless ear buds. Who wouldn't love these while hitting the weights?

The Sneakerhead:
Jordan Sneakers
James Harden Sneakers (Not pictured)
Last year, M got seriously invested in having all things sports shoe! He hoards them in his closet in hopes of one day showcasing them in his man cave!! If that mindset is totally your man, then he'll appreciate a new arrival Jordan or other sports legend shoe.

The Sports Fanatic:
NBA Jersey
MLB Jersey
Sports Snapback
Autographed Ball
Game Ball 
M has always been a huge sports fan even before me (hello, he played football for half of his life!). So, this year when the Astros won the World Series, you can only imagine his delight and urgency to get all things Astros Champion memorabilia. Another thing that has been on his wish list for a couple of years is an autographed game ball. Now, these are hard to come by and can be pricey, but if you come across one and have a guy like mine definitely grab it for him! You'll be girlfriend/wife/woman of the year to him.

Budget-Friendly Accessories:
These are items to get your guy if you seriously don't have any idea of what to get him. Maybe you just started talking or he's just a real stickler and doesn't fit any of these categories! Either way, he'll appreciate anything you get him (of course), but these are a good starting point!

Thanks so much for reading! I hope this helped you out a little during this hectic time of the year!

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