Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Testing Foundations

Today, I'm coming at you with another makeup post. While I love fashion, I wanted to get in touch with my "product reviewing" side. I'm sharing my reviews/comparing some recent foundations that have become popular. I included two "higher end" and four affordable options!

First up is this foundation. I love this one so much and have been using it for over a year now. Last summer when I self-tanned I bought a darker shade so that I could still wear this same foundation. I love the matte + poreless option. I will say that after a while, my skin got used to the formula and I did have to change it up a little, but ultimately I love this formula and its price point!

This is a more recent purchase... I saw Casey Holmes trying it out and since I love her and value her opinion very highly, I decided to grab it and its matching concealer. This one doesn't oxidize and stays on all day! The concealer that matches this line is also amazing in covering those dark circles!

Another Casey Holmes test that I just had to have! She said that she wore this one for her engagement pictures so I knew it had to be good!! It did not disappoint! I love the applicator as well. It's easier to scrape out the remnants once you've used up the majority of it. This one doesn't oxidize AT ALL and it stays in place all day long-even when you walk out into the Texas humidity! 

 I'm honestly still on the fence about this one! At first, I wasn't into it because I swore it made my skin look patchy. However, I've recently started using it again and its great! It could be the weather, could be my skin. BUT, right now I am loving it. I will say, the formula is very watery so be sure to always shake before each use as the bottle instructs. That being said, it it covers nicely and a little definitely goes a long way!

This foundation has a lot of hype to it! That is one of the main reasons I decided to purchase it. I had heard that it stayed on all day long and didn't oxidize. I'm happy to report that the rumors were true! It matches my skin so well and creates an airbrushed look! Highly recommend this one!

Thank you so much for reading! While I am in no way a makeup expert, I love sharing my thoughts and experiences on different products and saving y'all some money if I can.

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