Monday, March 26, 2018

Target Beauty Buys

Coming at you with another Target post today because we all know they have the best finds. 

As I mentioned a while back, taking care of my skin has become a new priority for me. I've learned that skincare will make or break your future face and that I'd rather start now and thank myself later..

For this sale, I'm sharing some of my everyday favorites:

I love this because it is such a natural look. I love using this everyday right after a shower in the summer months. It also smells amazing so bonus points!

I regularly use the Aveeno moisturizer. Like, after every face wash. It's really calming and I especially love that is has an spf so I can protect my skin throughout the day.
The clean + clear is an oldie, but a good one. I used to use this when I was prone to breakouts because it has salicylic acid which helps fight acne.

Biotin Gummies {Not part of promo}
Biotin Soft Gels {Not part of promo}
I can really tell the difference in my hair and the rate at which my nails grow when I regularly use biotin. These gummies are perfect if you't stand taking pills + they are strawberry flavored (tastes like gummy bears!) 

I love this blackhead-erasing scrub. It exfoliates so well and really makes our skin feel "clean" especially in the summer with all of the sunscreen and sweat on our faces.
These makeup wipes are something I cannot live without. I buy these in bulk! I use one every night to get all of my makeup off- even my Double Wear foundation!

Real Techniques Sponge {Buy 3 get 1 free beauty & personal care minis}
Pink Mini Sponge {Not part of promo}
I use my RT sponge everyday for foundation. I have always loved sponges/beauty blender more than brushes because my makeup looks airbrushed! The mini sponges are great for blending concealer and in the smaller crevices of your face.

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