Monday, September 26, 2016

Quick Breakfasts: Egg in a Mug!

It Really Does Work!

Everybody knows how hectic Monday mornings (or every weekday morning) can be. We often opt for something quick like a granola bar or just a cup of joe for breakfast and then rush on over to school or the office.

But, what if I told you I know of something both healthy and quick for your morning breakfast?

I'll just tell's a scrambled egg in a mug!

Okay, so my mother looked at me crazy when I told her, but it actually tastes like a real scrambled egg! Like a really real one. Made in a pan and stuff. ;)

2 minutes is all you need for this breakfast that will keep you on track in your healthy diet as well as full until lunch. Dontcha just love protein?

First, spray your (microwave-safe) mug with a butter spray- I used Pam.

Next, crack the egg (1 or 2- although cooking times are for 1).

Stir it up as you would when making an egg for the pan.

Also, add a sprinkle of salt and pepper just for taste purposes.

Go ahead and pop it in the microwave for about 40-50 seconds.

Okay, so if yours looks a bit like mine does here (I know, ew), then just cook it for about 5-10 seconds longer. Do this until the egg is the texture you like and voila, you have yourself a little scrambled egg before your big day of busy-ness! 

XOXO, Katelyn

*This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.

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