Sunday, September 25, 2016

I love Ipsy!

Hey y'all! :)

   From the title, you can already tell what this post is going to be about, however let me give you a little backstory on how I came upon Ipsy!
Over the summer, I got really into YouTube and the very first YouTuber I ever obsessed over (and still do!!) was Casey Holmes. I love how genuine and honest she is in her videos not only with products/product reviews, but also about her life. She isn't a tight-lipped YouTuber like some may be and I love that!

Anyways, (before I went on a Casey Holmes tangent) she led me to find some other really amazing YouTubers that endorse beauty products and Ipsy! Now, you might be thinking "What in the heck is Ipsy??" and I did too when I first heard about it, but its actually a really awesome beauty subscription! At just $10 a month, you are mailed beauty products + an adorable (and newly designed) bag each month.

I love it, so today I'm going to share with all of you 2 of my Ipsy bags and the products that came along with them. 


Okay, first off, is this not the cutest bag you've ever seen?! The colors and the "mermaid beauty" definitely make me think of summertime. This was August's bag and and I was so excited when I opened it to find.....

my very first "beauty blender"! Okay, okay, its not technically a beauty blender (a different brand!), however I love the firmness of it and how easy it is to clean with just some warm water and facial cleanser. This blender really does it's job of  blending I must say.

These next two products didn't really excited me just by looking at the packaging (sorry for negativity!), but they are actually really pigmented and I do love adding just a dab of the Neopolitan palette to my eyelids for a quick and easy look.

I was so excited to see a Tarte product in my bag because I know a bunch of beauty gurus swear by them. I've just never had the funds to go out and buy a lot of high-end makeup (hello, college!)! I love the idea of a lip crayon because it is a lot less messy (and sticky) than some glosses, however red isn't my color. That, or I just don't feel "grown-up" enough yet to wear that shade. I've always associated red lips with dance and drill team (see pics below!).

Drill team makeup is crazy!


For September, I was really excited to see the fall products that they would include and this bag was truly awesome!

The first thing I noticed was a mini It Cosmetics mascara. The packaging says it's an "elastic stretch volumizing mascara" and I totally agree with that! I've been using this every single day on top of my normal everyday mascara (Maybelline Colossal) and it adds serious length to my lashes. I would recommend this to anyone who wants really full lashes (and don't we all?!).

Next was this Be Fine exfoliating cleanser which I haven't yet tried, but I really love that it's cruelty-free and made from edible fresh ingredients like brown sugar, almonds, and oats.

Of course, living in Texas I always always always need something to combat the frizz from constant humidity. I was excited to seek a hair product in this bag especially during fall when the temperatures are still high and the humidity is still there. This product also smells amazing!

Not sure if anyone has heard of Crown beauty products, but this brush I received is so soft! It feels great on the skin and I love that I now have an angle brush (haha, I know. Like, come on Katelyn get with the times!)

Obviously, with changing weather our skin is THIRSTY. Personally, winter is a really drying time for my skin so I always make sure to always apply a lotion. And, since we hydrate our hands and face, we can't forget our lippies! My lips can get so dry and cracked so I always like to have a chapstick on hand.

I actually really love this particular one because it's:
  • organic
  • doesn't have a funny taste like some others
  • and doesn't have that artificial smell
Lastly, I received this absolutely stunning nail color from Trust Fund Beauty. It's a rose gold (my favorite!) and since I live in Texas, I can still wear my open-toed sandals (just don't tell the labor day rule-followers)!

I absolutely love receiving a new bag from Ipsy with all of these different products in it each month in the mail. It's like a gift from me to me ;)

XOXO, Katelyn

*This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.

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