Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Spring Shoes

Today, I'm sharing some of my favorite shoes for the upcoming spring season! I've recently gotten super into shoes and I just want them all...probably not the best thing!! 

Featured in this post:

I got these as a graduation gift 2 years ago and they're still good! These edges do have some wear & tear {because, I'm a klutz!}, but they go with any summer outfit! I also want to order them in 'Makeup'.

{Sold out, Linked similar}
I love the look of these, but they are definitely a pair that you have to break in! I mistakenly wore them on a visit to my new university campus and my heels were crying! I should have gotten these! Anyways, I love the pair linked so much too {maybe even better}, but I can't vouch for comfort.

{Same Brand}
I am most excited for these! Last spring/summer I saw everyone and their mama wearing these and knew I had to have them! This color combination sold out, so I've linked the same pair/brand in the color that is available.

{Kids Sizing: Subtract 2 from normal size}
So comfortable! I've never owned an Adidas tennis shoe and I am so pleased with these! I learned a trick a while back about fitting into kid's size shoes. For example, I am a size 8M in Women's shoes, but in this particular shoe, I am a size 6...I know, it's odd!! But, if they look the exact same and you can save a little $$$, then why not?!

These are incredibly comfy! No blisters at all and so much cushion inside! I would take these with me to travel with in a heartbeat!

I can't wait to bring all of these into the spring season with me! 

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