Monday, January 22, 2018

What's in My Makeup Bag

 Sunglasses {Similar here & here} \ Scarves {Similar here and here}

I'm working hard to learn my camera, so I thought I would go ahead and do an updated makeup routine! You can find most of these products on the sidebar with the label "Beauty."

First off, I love a cute cosmetic bag! Any bag, really! I've always been the girl with two hundred different types of bags for no reason! Anyways, I love taking a larger case to fit all of my toiletries + makeup in when we go out of town and I use a medium-sized case for my everyday makeup bag.

I use this high-heel printed bag for other makeup that I use more rarely. It's also the bag I take on vacation (as mentioned above)!

 These are both older so I've linked some similar {at the bottom of the post} that I thing are just as cute and just as spacious! 

Now, back to the makeup!

I start off with this moisturizer {not pictured}. Then I move on to foundation. I love this one because it's affordable, but also gives me the coverage I'm looking for. I love a medium to high coverage foundation and this one does the job. 

After that, I conceal with this concealer. It is so good! I look instantly awake when I wear it and it doesn't crease like some others I've tried. Next is baking/setting with this powder. My mom has used this one ever since I was little so naturally that is the one I've stuck with. If it's been around for 83 years, there's probably a good reason why! Bronzer is next and I like this one right now!

After all of my face is finished with, I use this on my eyelids. It makes them shimmery so it's perfect alone, but it also makes your eyeshadow stick to your eyes {hence why it's a primer}. I absolutely love the Naked 2 palette-it's all I ever use! 

This mascara is my favorite ever- well, I love this one too, but I need to purchase more! The volume length this mascara adds is incredible! Some of my friends have told me that it clumps up, but I honestly haven't had that happen to me. I run the brush through my eyelashes many many times and the end result is impeccable!

For my brows, I use this- I got it in an Ipsy bag a while back! I love it because it isn't too dramatic, but it still cleans them up nicely. 

That is all for today! I plan on having more outfits up soon!


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