Wednesday, January 17, 2018

My Favorite Scents from Bath & Body Works...

I have gotten SO into Bath & Body Works lately. They seem to have the best candles that I have found- better than any at Target! Their 3-wicks make the entire house smell amazing! 

 My biggest piece of advice when buying from here:

Buy during sales

Shop in-store

Bath & Body Works always has amazing sales going on and these 3-wicks go 50% off all the time so definitely take advantage of that. As for sales, they are actually having their semi-annual sale right now-select items are 75% off!

As for my second piece of advice, shopping in-store is so much cheaper. You save so much money when you don't have to pay for shipping! Also, I've not personally had anything happen to any of my orders online (knocking on wood now!), but many people I know that have ordered online have gotten their items in shattered to pieces-not the best way to light a candle! 

Anyways, my absolute favorite scents vary throughout the year, but right now I am obsessed with Grapefruit Gin Fizz and Champagne ToastBlack Cherry Merlot is also amazing in the foaming soap- it is currently on sale for $3.50!

I also love their wallflowers! They are better than any other plug-in...your entire room will smell so fresh when you walk in every single time! I just recently purchased the Capri Citron and it will be perfect for summertime!

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