Monday, October 14, 2019

I'm Back + Sharing My Engagement Story

It's been 10 months since I last posted on The Indecisive Diva and truth be told I missed it so much! This blog was the best place to "get away" from everyday stressors to passionately share my love for fashion with all of you and I'm excited to get back to it!

So much has happened since I last updated y'all so grab a cup of coffee because it's a long one!


I worked RETAIL for the first time ever.

I opened an ONLINE CLOTHING BOUTIQUE with my mother-in-law.

Paper doesn't do these last few months justice, but life has gone so fast!

As the title suggests, today I am sharing my ENGAGEMENT story!

I'd been on a hunch that M was thinking of proposing last year around November. Little did I know that back in October 2018, he had picked out THE RING of my dreams and asked both of my parents for my hand.

In December, M's mom told me to pick out something fancy for my birthday. You would think that would have totally given it away, but we always shop together and I was turning 21 which definitely called for something fancy... I didn't think too much about it.

Fast forward to Christmas. M always goes above and beyond for Christmas and this year's gift was quite telling. He summed up the past 4 Christmases we had spent together and gifted me with items that would be a "walk down memory lane"... this was my first clue that he had something special up his sleeve.

December 28th: One of Michael's gifts to me was an Instax camera, to correlate with my gift from the year before, a Canon a6000. He gave me a list full of hints to places that are special to us and I was to guess each one and photograph it with the Instax camera. My best friend, Lauren, and I spent all day driving around town to all of these special places and taking pictures. That night, Lauren and I joined some of our best friends for a sleepover (something we've done since middle school!) It's such a sweet memory, looking back now, to have spent my last days un-engaged with some of my best friends, before we are all wives and mothers. 

On December 30th, Lauren came over to get ready with me! It was so special getting to play dress up with my best friend there and chatting away before what was going to be one of the most memorable nights. Michael came to pick us both up and we headed back to his house. As we rounded the corner to the living room, I saw an entire setup of roses and a bucket of champagne touched with rose-filled ice cubes. At this point, I knew it was coming...

He sat me down and handed me a present housing a wedding-planning book along with my new monogram. As all of this is happening, M gets down on one knee and asks the question along with the most special handwritten note that he reads aloud. I am shaking and can only muster "Yes" quietly as I stand to hug him!

My mom and both of his parents come out from behind the wall and the photographer captures the entire moment!

My mom tells me she will set something up to have dinner with us on another night. However, I wanted to celebrate with everybody at this point. I mean, I JUST GOT ENGAGED!! So hearing that made me a little sad, but I left it as it was and we loaded into the car to head to Fogo De Chao. 

We walk in as usual and they take us to the very back.

When I walk in, all of my family is there waiting on us! It was such an incredible surprise & one of the sweetest to be able to have dinner with all of our close family and friends on our engagement

I will truly never forget this night and while we haven't set a date quite yet, I am so excited to be M's wife!

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